William Case Morris

William Case Morris - Stained Glass Window Inside St. Andrew's ChurchWilliam Case Morris - Plaque
'William Case Morris' Stained Glass Memorial Window inside St. Andrews Church, Soham

The Reverend William Case Morris became known as "Dr Barnardo of Argentina"; unlike most British South Americans, he did not shut himself among a selected group of friends, but unselfishly devoted his whole life to improving the lot of those less fortunate than himself. He was a forceful yet gentle personality and a great gospel-preacher whose clear, concise phrases appealed to all audiences. Some examples of the phrases he used are as follows:-

'To labour on behalf of children is to work that pleases God'
'Love is the best gift children could receive and give back'
'Love sets in motion the widest scope of education'
'Love triumphs over failure'
'Our character is revealed in the details of our daily living'
'Virtue rests upon making efforts, not waiting for the prize'
'A nation that neglects childhood, neglects the whole country's future'
'My soul is hurt by my own wrong doings, not by others on myself'

He possessed a simple but sincere eloquence that reflected his high moral spirit. He was seldom refused when he asked for help, whether financial or otherwise, and was always received with respect and affection. He suffered a strange and modest humiliation because of his awareness of not having received a proper theological education. His noble self-sacrifice did not go unnoticed; his was perhaps the highest reward any such man could expect - the love of countless children.

He is still one of Argentina's best-loved social reformers and is highly regarded, with a statue standing in Buenos Aires as well as railway stations and football stadia named after him. Members of the Argentine community still visit his grave to this day. The picture below shows the 'William Case Morris' stained glass memorial window located in St. Andrew's Church, Soham. The area below the window, which depicts Jesus surrounded by children, is now used as a children's play area during services.

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