William Case Morris

Holga el Alba - William Case Morris StatueWilliam Case Morris Statue at the 'Hogar el Alba' Home 'Casa Mayer'

His funeral was honoured by the presence of amongst others; The English Chaplain of Siena and an old colleague and the Bishop of Ely - the very Reverend H. Mc. C. E. Price. According to the Argentine periodical 'La Voz', equally glowing homage was paid to the life-long nobility of his wife, Cecilia Kate Morris. Members of British, German and Jewish communities as well as those of Argentina paid tribute to her fine philanthropic, educational and spiritual work. Like St. Monica, like the Mother of John & Charles Wesley, she believed in the power and ultimate victory of the spirit." For thousands of citizens of Argentina," continues 'La Voz', "who do not know England, who have never seen its populous cities, its great commercial centres, its magnificent cathedrals, this small country town of Soham, insignificant in population, commerce or social life, is for them the most important place in that great country". Cecilia Kate Morris died at St. Luke’s Hospital for the Clergy in London on 7th April 1940, at the grand old age of 76. On her death certificate her address was given as ‘Restcot’, High Street, Soham, Cambridgeshire and she is interred with her husband at the Cemetery in Fordham Road, Soham, Cambridgeshire.

In 1935 all the schools he had founded were taken over by the Argentinean National Council of Education. In 1949, the Argentine Government took over the original site of 'Hogar el Alba' as a home for children at risk. 'Hogar el Alba' celebrated its 75th anniversary in the year 2000, and a fifth house was added on site for the children.  Each of the five houses at 'Hogar el Alba' can accommodate twelve children with five sets of auxiliary parents independently in charge of each house. The homes currently look after about 60 children at a time of both sexes whose ages range from 5 to 20 years. The children staying in the homes receive integrated physical, academic and spiritual schooling as well as labour qualifications according to age. The homes are maintained by means of donations in aid by: The Argentine Congress, Local Government in the Province of Buenos Aries, Companies & Institutions, Camping Site, Guided Visits, Special Donations, Donations from Friends and Product Sales from the on site 'Hogar el Alba' Inn and School of Bakers which mainly sells cheese and bread. The original children's home at 'Hogar el Alba' was called 'Casa Mayer' with the other four homes named 'Casa Matrimonio Lozada', 'Casa Drysdale', Casa Canales and 'Casa de Progreso'.

'Hogar el Alba' - Casa Mayer 'Hogar el Alba' - Casa Matrimonio Lozada 'Hogar el Alba' - Casa Drysdale
Casa Mayer Casa Matrimonio Lozada Casa Drysdale
'Hogar el Alba' - Casa Canales 'Hogar el Alba' - Casa de Progreso  
Casa Canales Casa de Progreso



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