Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1900


The Endowed Grammar school for boys, founded in the second year of James II. was re-constructed in 1877, under a new scheme, as a Middle Class school. The junior scholarships offered by the Cambridgeshire County Council have been tenable here since 1896; examinations are also held here in connection with the Science & Art Department, & the school is preparatory for the examinations of the Pharmaceutical Society, the Oxford & Cambridge Local Examinations, those of the Incorporated Law Society & the Preliminary Medical examinations. There are seven scholarships, open to boys who must have attended one of the local Board Schools for three years. The Boys' School Charity, dating from 1687 & now applied to the Grammar school, consists of 1 16 acres of land in trust for the purpose of apprenticing boys of this parish, & for providing an income for the schoolmaster, the vicar for the time being to be one of the trustees; the same trust includes 3 acres of land, the moneys arising from which are applied to the repairing of "Rose Field Lane;" this charity is now administered under a scheme sanctioned by the Charity Commissioners; the school will hold 60 boys; average attendance, 55; William Henry Mould, headmaster; Frank L. Harrison, science master; Charles C. Smith, art master

A School Board of 7 members was formed March 10, 1871; William Bye, Moat house, Sand street, clerk to the board; E. Horsley, deputy clerk; Jonathan Leonard, Hall street, attendance officer

Board, Town's end (boys), erected in 1875, for 180 children; average attendance, 135; Joseph Farrow, master; George F. Fenton & John W. Day, assistant masters Board (infants), Clay street, erected in 1875, for 150 children, since enlarged; average attendance, 243; Mrs Elizabeth Ranson, mistress

Board (mixed), Soham Fen, erected in 1886, for 50 children; average attendance, 44; Miss W. A. O'Donnell, mistress National (girls), Clay street, erected for 200 children; average attendance, 162; Miss Annie Teague, mistress, Miss Mary Knight & Miss Jane Clark, assist. mistresses


Soham Gazette, 6a, Market Hill, Cambridge; Cambridge Independent Press (Hatfield & Co.), publishers; published Friday

Railway Station

George Frederick Vipan, station master

* This is an extract from "Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1900" for Soham

* Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1900 (London: Kelly's Directories Limited, 1900), pp.185-187.


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