Domesday Book - Soham

Land of the Abbot of Ely

In Soham the Abbot also holds 1/2 hide
Land for 2 ploughs
In lordship 1
3 villagers and 10 smallholders with 1 plough
Meadow for 2 ploughs
Pasture for the village livestock
1 boat which fishes in the Mere by customary right
Value 30s
When acquired 20s before 1066, 30s
This land always lay in the lands of the Church.

Land of Saint Edmund

In Soham the Abbot holds 6 acres of land himself
1 fisherman who has one fishing net in the village mere the value is and was 4s before 1066 5s
This land lies and always lay in the lordship of St. Edmunds Church

Land of Count Alan

In Soham Adestan holds 1 hide from the Count
Land for 4 ploughs
In lordship 1 plough ‘.
5 villagers and 8 smallholders have 2 ploughs a third possible (a third may be made up)
Meadow for 3 ploughs
Pasture for the village livestock
1500 eels
In Soham Mere 1 fishing net for customary dues
Value 60s
When acquired £6, before 1066 as much
Alfsi held this land under Edeva; he could withdraw without her permission

Total land in Soham

17 hides & 46 acres or approx 2,086 acres

Extracts from the Domesday Book 1086 AD for Soham taken from "The Soham Book 2000" By Donna Martin


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