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The following text was taken from a Fyson’s marketing brochure of the 1980’s:-

Commitment to Excellence

CJR Fyson & Son Limited were established in 1848 and have been successfully solving industry’s bulk handling problems for the last 35 years. Over this period the company has built an envious reputation for innovative design and excellent build quality, setting the standard for others to follow.

Agricultural Applications

On the farm reliability is of paramount importance. The comprehensive range of Fyson mobile conveyors for handling cereal and root crops, with their six year warranty, satisfies this important need.

Applications in General Industry

Designing equipment for process industry operation requires engineering expertise to ensure that the plant can be fitted into often tight confines and interfaces with existing, plant and control systems. Fyson engineers have the expertise to offer the most economic solution.

Specialising in Mineral Extraction

The handling of aggressive and abrasive material in a harsh environment is a Fyson expertise. Coupled with full turnkey contract management, including design, manufacture, civils, controls, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service contracts, Fyson meets the demands of today’s mineral extraction industries.

Specialist in Dockside Loading Equipment

Achieving the maximum throughput on or off ships in exacting dockside environments is the requirement of today’s shippers. The Fyson range of shiploading and trimming and discharging equipment for a wide range of loose bulk materials recognises and satisfies this demand.

Storage Solutions

Turnaround time, material degradation, storage capacity and control are all important in maintaining and operating efficient storage systems. Fyson experience over the years with a wide range of products allows the company to offer the most economic solution to all storage and handling problems.

Fyson Shiploading Conveyors

An Early Fyson ElevatorAn Early Fyson Elevator

During the last few years trading, Fyson built a variety of Shiploading Conveyors, usually custom built and made to order, which were designed to load materials on board ships up to 12,500 tons. The shiploading conveyors were diesel driven with the power used to help raise and lower the main boom and were also supplied complete with a low level lorry tipping hopper which allowed road vehicles to tip directly on to the tail of the conveyor. The head section of the conveyors were usually fitted with a twin spout chute which would allow the flow of material to be directed in manageable streams to assist trimming of vehicles. The main shiploader conveyors used a 900mm wide U-form belt at a maximum operating angle of 25° and the GB feeder conveyors each had 800mm wide belts and a fixed angle of elevation.


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