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Fyson T13 Cambridge Ely Show 1914CJR Fyson & Son Ltd, known locally as Fyson’s, was founded in October 1848 at a site in Paddock Street in the fen edge market town of Soham, Cambridgeshire. The proprietor, Richard Fyson set out to produce windmills from what was then a waterside industrial site. His business was to make windmills and later to build steam engines, both of which were required in considerable quantities for agricultural purposes and, in the fens in particular, drainage. There is clearly work other that just mills indicated in Fysons early records. They were heavily involved in threshing work by the 1860’s.

Hundreds of small windmills were made at the Paddock Street firm. They were used to pump ground water from ditches all over the fens, up into the rivers, which would eventually take the water, via the main river channels out to sea.

Owing to the high local demand for replacement and renewals of mills, and repairs to existing mills, Fyson’s soon became a steady and profitable business and functioned alongside the other millwrights business in Soham known as ‘Hunt Bros.’, which was situated across town from Fysons at Mill Corner, in those days a waterside industrial area called after its’ situation ‘Waterside’. Hunt Bros. sold their land to the millers Clark and Butcher c.1876 and eventually old Thomas Hunt retired leaving Fyson’s with the lion’s share of the millwrights business in the local area.

Fysons functioned alongside the other millwrights business in Soham known as 'Hunts Bros' based at Mill Corner for many years. Thomas Hunt decided to sell his land to the millers Clarke and Butcher around 1876 and eventually retired leaving Fysons as the main millwright business in the local area.

Hunt Bros MillwrightsThe Hunts Bros Millwright Yard Near Mill Corner

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