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Official Website for Soham, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Twinned with Andrézieux-Bouthéon, France
BBC Look East - Best Community Website 2003

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Soham On-Line has been actively and successfully promoting the town of Soham in many areas such as heritage, tourism, leisure and business since November 1999. In November 2015 the website was updated to help bring the site right up-to-date with regards to the latest in website design and technology. There are lots of new features including integration with social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, a Business / Organisation Directory with FREE basic listings, links to amenities, clubs and organisations.

There has been evidence of a settlement existing in Soham since the Stone Age but the documented history goes back to the year 630 AD when St. Felix 'The Apostle of the East Angles' is said to have founded an Abbey here. St. Felix's Abbey pre-dates the building of Eltheldreda's Convent/Monastery at Ely by 43 years and was the first centre of Latin Christianity in the whole of Cambridgeshire.

For many centuries the route to Ely was by boat across Soham Mere and over the Fens until windmills were introduced to drain them. With the arrival of the steam pumping engines in the late 19th century, the Mere was finally drained completely and the reclaimed land used for farming.

The present day small town is the centre of a prosperous farming and urban community. It has all the modern services and amenities and a very active and progressive urban life. Although it stands in a low-lying countryside, devoid of the scenic contrasts of hills and valleys, its far horizons and vast sky-scape of ever changing patterns and tints endow this fenland with distinctive charm.




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